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Selecting The Best Website Platform

Four Choices To Guide Your Web Site Effort

Two Website Platform Options

WEbsite Platforms Vendors

A company that offers a web platform typically offers software to create your web pages and also publishing them, aka web site hosting, to the world.

To get started you must decide if you want to create your web site using software on your computer or if you want to use the software on a platform to create your web site content. Either way you go there is going to be a learning curve.

Obviously, using software on your computer allows you the maximum creative flexibility and in many cases is the most economical over the long run. For a small or medium size business you want a web site that is scalable and has features for automating your marketing plan , which is more easily accomplished using your own software.

Software to use on your own computer is going to be Rapdiweaver or Dreamweaver or an open source product like Foundation Zhurb.

Each platform has software unique to their service. For example, SquareSpace has their own software. Weebly provides their own software. WorPress has their own software.

Most all web site hosts, for example and, provide WordPress software to build your site, and include more Web Master features such as customized email accounts, database, and c-panel access.

When you build a web site on your computer you need software that will transfer those web site files to your web site host. Filezilla and CyberDuck are two excellent and free FTP (file transfer protocol) programs.

What is The Value Of Your Web Site Content?

Value is essential in just about everything in this world. Every thing I have ever done or experienced has contributed some level of value to me - or not. Our relationships, clothes, friends, family, the list goes on and on - all of which have a value to us.

Your web site has value to the people who visit it.

1. Who is your target audience and how or what are you doing to connect your site to them?

2. How do you measure the success of your web site work?

3. Where are you doing your engagement strategy to convert a visitor into a subscriber or a buyer?

4. Why do people think your web site is valuable to them or their business?

5. What are the sources of your research that you used to build your content marketing efforts, do they have results in producing organic search engine results?

Businesses Need A Professional Site

You probably already know, a small company with a professional web site can look like a multi-million dollar business. But it works the other way too … a big business with a lousy web site can look like a unimportant web site.

Here are the characteristics I have arrived at over the last ten years working with all types of businesses - large and small.

Hobby Site - site displaying products and services

Business Site - has organic search listings displayed on the first page of search results - have system in place and working it consistently to establish a beneficial web reputation - doing consistent effort to expand web presence with search engine marketing - web pages design that is easy to navigate and looks professional - engagement strategy in place on each web page - sales funnel is in place to promote conversion of web site visitors

Those characteristics may sound simple for the business endeavors but they are the sweat equity that separate the winners from the losers - those making money online and those wondering why.

The Google update in 2016, Penguin, wiped out all the “get noticed quick” schemes for wanna be business site owners. In other words, Google now disregards any traffic from “pay for click” sites. If you are paying for “clicks” you might as well be throwing your money down the drain because that type of effort wont bring you more visibility in the search engines.

That Google update brought the web back to a level playing field. Today, one of the most highly regarded assets your web site can own are organic links: relevant links from reputable sites. This won’t happen overnight like buying click traffic will. Building a network of organic links takes time, months, but the dividends cannot be beat because they are permanent quality real estate.

This is what distinguishes a business web site, they are willing to make the investment to build that web reputation and expand their presence in the search engines using sweat equity. Can they do it on their own? Sure.

Make no mistake, like everything else, there are skills to be acquired to establish that reputation and implement a quality content marketing strategy.

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