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Make It Easier To Find Quality Employees & Vendors

Job Board & Vendor Board

Upgrade Your Website With A Job Resource Page

Automate Workflow Around Jobs

When you post jobs for your business in your website, you improve your search engine marketing and also stand out among your competition.

Jobs Board For Medical Office

Automate Workflow Around Jobs

This is a superior, high tech tool to automate the application process. A permanent solution to reduce manual record keeping.

Your customized job/vendor service includes five components.

1 Top notch database installed on your website location.

2 Ready to use and customized with your specific content for job postings and/or supplier requests.

3 A manual showing how to create/edit/delete job postings.

4 Emails, that you customize with your content, are sent automatically to applicants when they apply for job

5 Applicant information, and resume (PDF), is stored in your online database.

Install Your Jobs/Vendors Board

Setup Your Introduction

1. We install the database and app on your website hosting service. This app works with any website platform and every browser.

2. You want to write a brief, or lengthy, introduction about the job positions and/or vendor request your business will list.

3. Below is the screen in this app where that introduction is written and/or modified.

Automate Workflow Around Jobs

How To Publish A Job Position Or Vendor Request

Complete A Post/Request

1. It's easy to write a job position and/or a vendor request.

2. The Standard fields are shown in the screen below.

3. You can edit each entry as often as is necessary.

Below is the app screen which is completed with an example.

Automate Workflow Around Jobs

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