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Five Tips To Succesful Online Marketing

What is Marketing Content Systems?

Phases Of Marketing

Three main reasons why an effective inbound marketing will grow your business:

1. Reaching your niche market. When you identify your niche market, with very specific steps, you reduce the costs of your advertising because you are focused on a smaller target audience.

2. Start delivering your message when your niche market can hear it. We are all bombarded by messages all day long - everywhere we go. Do intelligent marketing with your content by reaching a qualified client when they are ready to make a buy, very naturally making your content more potent and drawing them in.

3. Be customer-centric: resolve problems and issues. Use your content to connect with your readers/viewers, that is the first step. The second step is solving their problems with your services and products. And, the third step is converting them into a subscriber or buyer. Those three steps leverage your content into a right-timing solution: explaining and demonstrating how you can help your readers/viewers, combined with clear and beneficial Call To Action (CTA) opportunities.

What is The Value Of Your Web Site Content?

Value is essential in just about everything in this world. Every thing I have ever done or experienced has contributed some level of value to me - or not. Our relationships, clothes, friends, family, the list goes on and on - all of which have a value to us.

Your web site has value to the people who visit it.

1. Who is your target audience and how or what are you doing to connect your site to them?

2. How do you measure the success of your web site work?

3. Where are you doing your engagement strategy to convert a visitor into a subscriber or a buyer?

4. Why do people think your web site is valuable to them or their business?

5. What are the sources of your research that you used to build your content marketing efforts, do they have results in producing organic search engine results?

Is Your Landing Page Optimized?

Landing Page Infographic

There are two types of landing pages: click through and lead generation.

Click Though Landing Page

This marketing objective with this type of page is to have the viewer/reader/visitor click a link and be passed to another web page or web site.

Lead Generation Landing Page

The marketing objective with this type is to have the viewer take an action that converts then into a subscriber or buyer. For example, the list below has different goals a viewer/reader/visitor can achieve:

A. complete a form for more information
B. download a eBook
C. enter a contest
D. obtain a consultation

Video Marketing Examples