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What is Marketing Content Systems?

What Is Marketing Content

This site provides the information, based on successful experience of building, deploying, maintaining, and marketing web sites. The content here is for new people wanting to build their first web site, web masters who want to invigorate an existing site, or someone who wants to learn how to build efficient web sites and how to accomplish online marketing.

Today there are two types of web sites … you own it or you don't own it. Obviously, hone you own you site you have a domain and web site content. But, there is also a growing trend where small businesses and hobbyists use a system like FaceBook to be their web site.

The content here is for owning your own web site. In the effort to build your site, you must recognize the quality of your content is the #1 priority. In combination with that important principal, you have to know that build quality media to distribute on the web is your #2 priority. The #3 priority is putting in place a system to measure your marketing success.

How To Accomplish Media Distribution

With those three pirates understood. The next step is planning how to build your media network, a component of which is social marketing.

There are plenty of high ranking sites to use in your media distribution efforts. Some of these include Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Instagram, and there are others.

While this sounds simple, there are many nuances to each tool that you want to maximize that will fortify your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And, so we are clear with each other, SEO is also known as SEM - Search Engine Marketing.

Automate Workflow Around Jobs

You have to understand who your target audience is to be able to truly measure the success of your sales effort.

When it comes to creating, organizing, and publishing your media distribution, these are your priorities: #1 know your target audience (age, gender, and specific habit that is related to your product/service); #2 move forward knowing that your goal with media distribution is to produce organic display listens in the search engine; and #3 make sure that your content is architected to accomplish $1 and #2 before your begin distribution.

In other words, as an example, you don't want to make videos and leave out the building in keyword strategy. And to do that you have to know what that buying habit is your potential buyers are going to be searching for. Having identified that habit you can research the keywords that people use in search engines to find the product. Then you have a verified strategy to use the BEST keywords based on current research. This is the optimal method to distribute your content. The videos will cover this in more detail.

Video Marketing Examples