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11 Marketing Tips For Any Web Site

Enhance or improve your marketing strategy with these proven techniques.

  1. Install Lead Magnet An enticement you offer to your web site or blog viewers that will engage them to click your content and in exchange they provide contact information.

  2. Social Media Google, to determine your search ranking, examines your site for links to social media. Be sure your social media accounts are displayed prominently.

  3. Email Signature Use a concise signature that includes a link to your web site, which is an opt-in page, aka subscription offer or a another lead magnet.

  4. Collect testimonials These will be placed on your web site, communications and in social media. Or, have your clients place one in YELP, Google+, or Facebook.

  5. Twitter Landing Page Add a opt-in to your Twitter page that links to a landing page you have prepared with a specific lead magnet.

  1. Facebook 1) Pin a post to the top of your Facebook page. 2) Add sign up page which is an opt-in offer using one of your lead magnets.

  2. Be Social In latest Social Media Marketing Industry Report, it reports that the majority of marketers increase their leads using social media for multiple hours weekly.

  3. Call To Action Examine your call to action in your content. Is it enticing and engaging? Do you have too many? Is your call to action readily visible?

  4. Thank You Do you use a redirect page in your lead magnet system that confirms and thanks visitor for completing the transaction(s) on your web site or blog?

  5. Distractions Is your web page and/or blog free from clutter? Viewers have short attention spans. Keep your content focused to meet your marketing objective(s).

  6. Create Culture Use free resources, Facebook or Google+ to name just two, where you easily create a private community. In this environment you design and optimize the content: 1) invite clients; 2) invite newbies, and 3) share ideas along with your information. Build this culture from the ground up and nurture it.

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